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Sign Up, Requirements, and Disclaimer


This is where all Beer Olympians sign up for this year's Beer Olympics. However, before you sign up, please read, understand, and acknowledge the requirements of the event and the disclaimer below. It is required that your team use the sign up form to register for this year's Beer Olympics. We will need an accurate team count in order to know the quantity of supplies needed.


Please note that the Beer Olympics is a competitive drinking event. It is NOT a party!!!

This event is for serious competitors only!! Quitters & slackers need not sign up.


Beer Olympics Requirements

We here at the Beer Olympics spend a lot of time, energy, and money into making each year's Beer Olympics the best it can possibly be. So it's no surprise that when the day finally arrives to compete, we take it seriously. Please read all of these requirements before signing up so you know what we expect of you before you compete.


***Note***: Failure to meet any of these requirements will automatically disqualify you from the current Beer Olympics. You will also be disqualified to compete in any future Beer Olympics if any of the requirements below are broken.



  • Be of legal drinking age: This is the most obvious requirement. Each Olympian must be at least 21 years of age to compete. If you don't appear to be of age, you will be required to show a valid photo ID before you can compete and/or consume any alcoholic beverages on the premises of the Beer Olympics. If you cannot do this, you will be required to leave.

  • Show up on time: Check in & registration runs from 11 AM to 11:30 AM on the morning of the Beer Olympics. The torch lighting and team toast immediately follows. Your entire team must be checked in and ready by 11:30 AM when the torch lighting ceremony begins. If your entire team is not present by 11:30 AM, you will not compete.

  • Wear matching uniforms: This is a team event, so look like a team. Your team must have matching uniforms and they must be worn throughout the entire Beer Olympics event. If your team does not wear matching uniforms, your team will not compete.

  • Play to win: First and foremost, the Beer Olympics is a competitive event. Teams take the event seriously and give their best efforts in the attempt to win the coveted Beer Olympics trophy. With that said, we require all Olympians to try their best in each event. Show up to compete with the expectation that your team is going to win the trophy. If any team is showing signs of disinterest in competing to win during any portion of the event, they will be asked to stop competing and will be automatically disqualified from the Beer Olympics. Basically put, don't half-ass anything. As you can tell, this isn't your typical backyard barbecue casual gaming event. If you have intentions of showing up and being selective on which events to play, do us all a favor and don't sign up to compete.

  • Compete in all events: This goes hand and hand with the requirement above. As long as your team is conscious, you are expected to compete in all 5 events of the Beer Olympics. Voluntarily leaving or quitting before all of the events are completed will result in immediate disqualification from competition in current and all future Beer Olympics.

    Quitting before the Olympics are over will also severely impact the point distribution system which is originated at the onset of the current Beer Olympics. In other words, leaving early screws everyone else over. So if you don't want to be known as the asshole(s) who messed up Beer Olympics, don't leave early.


Beer Olympics Disclaimer

We at the Beer Olympics want to make sure that everyone who attends our event has an awesome time. But with the great time of Beer Olympics comes great responsibility. Here is our official disclaimer to make sure everyone has a great, safe time:

We at the Beer Olympics make every effort to ensure all participants are of legal drinking age. We do this by checking every participant's identification as well as spectators who choose to consume alcoholic beverages while on the premises of the Beer Olympics.

We will be responsible for your well being while you attend our event and are on the property where the Beer Olympics is held. However, we will not be responsible for you or your actions once you leave either the premises of the Beer Olympics or the event itself. If you do decide to leave the property, you will be solely responsible for finding your own way home. We cannot and will not drive you home. Furthermore, if you do decide to drive yourself home after you have participated in the Beer Olympics, you are responsible for any consequences that may occur as a result of your decision to leave the Beer Olympics. You are an adult and as such, you need to take responsibility for your own actions. If you do wish to leave the Beer Olympics and are in any way impared from operating your vehicle, you must find a method where an individual who is not intoxicated whatsoever will take you home. This can be via calling a designated driver, a taxi, or any other method where you, the intoxicated individual, is not operating a motor vehicle.

The bottom line is this. We would prefer you stay on the premises of the Beer Olympics when the event is finally over. However, if you decide to leave, don't be stupid. Call a cab or a designated driver to take you home. Or, just crash here. There's plenty of space to accomodate you. Use your head and think. We want to make sure you make it home safe so you can come back and compete in the many future Beer Olympics to come.

This disclaimer was created on February 6, 2010.



***By completing and submitting the sign up form for the Beer Olympics, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with the requirements and the official disclaimer listed above.***


Beer Olympics Sign Up Form

Now that you have read, understand, and agree to the requirements and disclaimer above, feel free to sign up for the upcoming Beer Olympics here. Fill out the form below to sign up. Once you submit the form, we will e-mail you all of the necessary details, so please make sure you enter a valid e-mail address.


Your Team Name

Your Name

Your Teammate's Name

E-mail address


About the Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics is an epic battle for drunken supremacy which takes place each summer in North Wales, PA. Each year, Beer Olympics gets bigger and better, so don't miss out on all of the fun!

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