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Here are some links to some sites of interest:
  • WMMR: The best station in Philly!
  • The Preston and Steve website: The best morning show!
  • Miller Lite: The beer of choice for The Beer Olympics
  • Smithprints (If you need Beer Olympics T-shirts made)
  • Wikipedia: Beer
  • Real Beer
  • Beer Advocate
  • Yuengling
  • Philly Beer Week
  • Beer Tools
  • The Beer Lass
  • Beer Info
  • All About Beer
  • Joe Sixpack
  • The Beer Church
  • Must Love Beer
  • 20 things worth knowing about beer
  • Beer Me!
  • Beer Institute
  • Beer 100
  • The Science of Fermentation: How Wine, Beer, and Alcohol are Made
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About the Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics is an epic battle for drunken supremacy which takes place each summer in North Wales, PA. Each year, Beer Olympics gets bigger and better, so don't miss out on all of the fun!

Countdown to Beer Olympics XIV (August 18th, 2012):


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