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The original Beer Olympics started back in 1993. This makes our version of Beer Olympics the original upon which all other Beer Olympics are based. It ran for 9 years before conflicts in schedules rendered it suspended for 7 years. The first Beer Olympics featured basketball, badminton, and horseshoes. Since then, other events like wiffle ball, bocce, and golf were added. The very first Beer Olympics was won by the team of Rob Roth and Jason Vavra. In the years to come, such teams as The Chumpies (who won 6 times) and En Fuego battled out to take home the coveted Beer Olympics Trophy which still stands 5 Busch beers high to this day.

The games of 2008 marked the 10th year of competition for the Beer Olympics and was an epic return of this pinnacle summer event. The Beer Olympics XI of 2009 was even larger and greater than the 10th. Beer Olympics XII was by far the biggest and best Olympics to date with an impressive 12 teams duking it out for the trophy. Beer Olympics XIII was the hottest and smoothest running Olympics yet. What's in store for next year? It's most certain to be the most iconic Beer Olympics yet as word spreads throughout the Delaware valley of this epic event. We hope you can be a part of it!
About the Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics is an epic battle for drunken supremacy which takes place each summer in North Wales, PA. Each year, Beer Olympics gets bigger and better, so don't miss out on all of the fun!

Countdown to Beer Olympics XIV (August 18th, 2012):


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