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Update 9.3.10
The Beer Olympics Outtakes video has just been posted! Check out all of the long lost clips here. Enjoy! 

Update 8.14.10
The photos from Beer Olympics XII have been posted. Check them out!

Update 8.8.10
The official video for Beer Olympics XII has been posted! Check out the videos page to view it. Also, the date for Beer Olympics XIII has been announced! Clear the calendars for July 30, 2011.

Update 8.2.10
As you all know, the 12th running of the epic Beer Olympics was held this past Saturday. This year's event was the biggest and longest to date. We had a total of 12 teams battling it out in perfect summer weather for the coveted Beer Olympics trophy. There was plenty of bat swinging, ball flying, shoe flinging, dart sailing, card flipping action rounding out this year's competition...not to mention the inevitable trash talking and taunting.

When the epic battle for drunken supremacy finally ended around 4:30 Sunday morning, it was the Chumpies who took this year's trophy again. The standings were very tight going into the last event, which was the card game 99. It came down to the last game in the last tournament for them to win. That marks an unprecedented 7th victory for them, making them by far the winningest team in Beer Olympics history.

We would like to take this time to officially thank everyone who helped make this year's Beer Olympics the best so far! Again, without your continued support, the original Beer Olympics would not be the premier event of the summer that it is. The website has been updated with the standings from this past Saturday. The photos and official Beer Olympics XII video will be posted soon.

As we slowly return to reality, we are saddened that this awesome time has ended. However, it gives us something to look forward to...namely Beer Olympics XIII. The official date for next year's Beer Olympics will be forthcoming. In the meantime, thanks again & keep on drinkin'!

Update 7.20.10
Well boys & girls, here we are. Ever so close to the moment you've all been waiting for. There are only 10 days to go until the epic Beer Olympics XII takes place! Your committee has been working extra hard this year in preparations for the summer's best drinking event. We've built more wiffle ball strike zones, more beer pong tables, and more horseshoe pits in anticipation for the largest Beer Olympics to date!

As some of you may already know, there will be a rules committee meeting on Thursday July 29th at the Beer Olympics HQ. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:30 PM. We will be discussing many items at this meeting, including rule changes and event details. So stop on by and give us your opinions on the topics that will be discussed. Your input matters!

There are still a very few team slots available for this summer's epic event. This is the last call to get registered. Get your uniforms ready and leave the kiddies at home.

Thanks again for everyone's continued support of our Beer Olympics. Without all of you, our awesome event would never occur, nor would it grow every year. Keep on drinkin'!

Update 7.15.10
There will be a rules committee meeting held on Thursday night July 29th at the Beer Olympics HQ. The meeting will start at 7:30 PM and we will be discussing rule changes as well as other Beer Olympics related items.

Let us know if you plan on attending and we'll send you the address if needed. See you then!

Update 6.10.10
There are only 50 days to go until Beer Olympics XII! And you all know what that means...registration for this summer's event is now open! Visit the Registration section and get your team signed up! Space is limited for this year's premier event, so be sure to sign up soon before it's too late. You will not want to miss what's sure to be the best Beer Olympics yet!

Thanks again for your continued support and keep on drinkin'!

Update 4.22.10
Believe it or not, there are less than 100 days to go until Beer Olympics XII! Start getting your teams ready and be sure you're training hard. This event is not for the weak. Registration for this summer's games will be open at the 50 day mark.

As some of you know, there was recent talk of replacing outdoor bowling with another event. This is still being considered by the committee and a final decision will be announced soon. Keep checking back here for updates!

Thanks again for all of your continued support and keep on drinkin'!

Update: 1.19.10
Happy New Year all! As you all have seen, the official Beer Olympics XII Sneak Preview is posted when you first access the site. We thought we would start to get everyone into the spirit of the upcoming Beer Olympics XII which is less than 200 days away! Also take note of the date change for Beer Olympics XII which is now July 31, 2010. We know this year's games are going to be the best yet, and we hope you all can make it this summer!

About the Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics is an all day drink-a-thon which takes place each summer in North Wales, PA. Each year, Beer Olympics gets bigger and better, so don't miss out on all of the fun!

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